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How Much is Too Much Alcohol?

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“Nothing excellent can be done without leisure.”
– Andre Gide  (1869-1951)  More Andre Gide quotes here on our website.

Thought: How Much is Too Much Alcohol?

As a therapist, I have pondered the alcohol question professionally and much earlier on in my personal life. Like many people, I like tasty beer, and most days, my wife Bonnett and I enjoy one together. 

But the enjoyment of alcohol has a point of diminishing returns. Heavier drinking has been in the mix for many couples I’ve seen for therapy who have had significant discord, anger, and ruptures in their relationship, including infidelity. 

After clients who have drunk to inebriation have stopped for 2 – 4 weeks, they have frequently reported greater mental clarity. And mental clarity is critical for gaining insight and tuning into others’ perspectives.

Perhaps the most compelling reason for only drinking moderately lies in facing our difficulties directly to find ways to create a life that makes better sense. Those that have a regular pressure valve release, an escape through dulling their pain with alcohol, often avoid the hard work of owning up to what has not worked in their lives and making lasting change. 

People who escape through feeling the effect of heavier drinking put off making fundamental life changes that could improve their lives and relationships.

For those reasons, I ask clients to commit to having no more than two alcoholic drinks on any one day while they work with me in therapy. If having one or two leads to having many more, their only option is to have none. 

+ My Own Artistic Link:Addiction: Songs of Struggle & Victory. Music Richard J. Chandler. Lyrics by Lawrence Schug
0:03 “After Uncle Emil’s Funeral” (Dark and sad)
2:07 “Barbershop” (Beatles fans will like this one) 5:20 “Peaceful Interlude” (a very short instrumental) 6:42 “My Old Man’s Devil” (The victory song) Carolyn Finley, Mezzo-soprano Richard Chandler, Alto & Tenor Saxophones  Edward Turley, Piano