Sacred Geometry for Chamber Orchestra

This work is inspired by the architecture, visual art and music of late medieval and Renaissance times. Those cultural treasures still awe and edify us.

5 Evening Pieces for Piano

Each movement, (which may be played as short stand-alone works), is descriptive of how one’s evening might progress.

Woman at Piano Studying Richard J. Chandler's 5 Evening Pieces for Piano

Woman singing a Richard J Chandler Song with a piano

Sleep Now for Voice

I expanded the piano version, adding more nuance and lines to contrast and support the vocal lyrics. It has been performed many times in recitals.

3 Evening Pieces for Chamber Orchestra

Evening Begins, Waves of Lake Superior and Prayer-Like are expanded versions of the piano compositions shown above. Increased harmony, counterpoint and orchestral color are featured. This was premiered on December 18th of 2016 by the Bethlehem Chamber
​ Orchestra of St. Cloud, MN.

Violin Player in the Chamber Orchestra String Section

Valley for Solo Saxophone

This solo piece is meditative in quality and has dramatic tension based on 2 contrasting musical ideas that are in dialog with each other. It was premiered at the University of Minnesota Composer’s concert on December 5th, 2016.

Youthful Dance Duet for Saxophones from DaVinci Transcending Time

These alto and baritone saxophone sketches comprise some of the thematic material for a larger work based on the writings of Leonardo DaVinci.

Dedication Fanfare for Brass Choir and Percussion

This piece was composed to as a dedication piece to commemorate the new Saint Cloud Public Library at its dedication ceremony on September 20th, 2008. I was invited to introduce the piece to those assembled at the ceremony just prior to it being premiered.