Inventing Inventions

Love for 2-Part Inventions

Why 2-part Inventions?

“In music, an invention is a short composition (usually for a keyboard instrument) in two-part counterpoint.” – Wikipedia on Inventions

I had been playing alto saxophone since the age of 11 and fell in love with duets from the start. Duets began immediately. Back then, I received six weekly lessons as part of renting the instrument. My teacher played his instrument with me, supporting my rudimentary melody line with his harmonic line. And it sounded much better than my solo passage!

In high school, I became serious about studying saxophone as a classical instrument. I launched into a transcription of JS Bach’s 15 2-part inventions for saxophones and fell in love with them! Two years later, as a junior, I began learning the piano. Much of my focus was on those Bach Inventions.

I have written duets over the years; I still love both writing and performing duets with my music friends. Recently, I wanted more. Seven years ago, I had written one invention in the style of Bach and 1’ve more recently been inspired to write additional inventions. I am going for nine of them and am halfway there as of this writing.

Using more modern harmony and expanded rhythm has worked well. I feel inspired to continue. In addition to being keyboard works, I plan to develop them for oboes and bassoons. As they are completed, I will add them to this website.