Richard J. Chandler

Composer for Performing Musicians

CloudWinds Woodwind Trio November 15th, 2019 Recital Well Received

Our recital went well! We had approximately 45 people present between audience members and musicians. Works of the two French composers, Ibert & Koechlin, Polish, (but French inspired) composer Szalowski, and J.S. Bach, Joplin and my own four original works and arrangements all came together for us. Vocalist Jody Martinson joined us for an original work and an arrangement of Londonderry Aire – “Oh Danny Boy,” by me. People, (the trio included), loved her singing!

Vocalist Jody Martinson and fellow trio members Tom Gaetz and Deb Berglund join me in thanking all who joined us at the recital. Without support by enthusiastic supporters and audience members, we would not be able to continue performing for our community.