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Three Distinct Kinds of Decisions

Take Two+ Tuesday
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“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”

– Carl Jung                         More Carl Jung quotes here on our website

Thought: Three Distinct Kinds of Decisions

  1. You make executive decisions independently without checking in with others, and they are yours and yours alone to make. Others may not like your executive decisions or the fact that you made them without consultation.
  2. You and others jointly make collaborative decisions by hearing the viewpoints of those involved and spreading the power to decide with the entire group in an egalitarian way. 
  3. Executive decisions with collaborative input keep the power to decide with the executive decision-maker. The group of people providing collaborative input advise but do not have the power to decide. 

Unless the person with the power to decide clarifies that the collaborative input is input only, those people often feel confused and discounted. They likely thought it was a collaborative decision and felt slighted that they were asked for their opinion, but the decision-maker disregarded it. 

Therefore announcing the kind of decision to be made before deciding can save a good deal of confusion and misunderstanding. Here is the link to the full article on my Strategic Leadership Consultants website.

+ An Artistic Link: 

This modern dance honoring the crow is called “Painted.”