Richard J. Chandler

Composer for Performing Musicians

Thinking about how we strive to impress others

Take Two+ Tuesday
A Quote, a Thought + an Enriching Link
Quote: “Celebrity is a mask that eats into your face.”
Thought: With this very 1st “Take Two+ Tuesday,” I lead with one of my favorite quotes by the writer, John Updike. Although very few of us are celebrities, the meaning of the quote holds up if we find ourselves occupying and projecting a persona rather than being OK with ourselves, as we are, without undue concern about what others might think.

Concern about not measuring up may convince us to don a mask, a persona of ourselves, and our true face, our authentic self, may be eaten into by our mask.More quotes and a short bio. of John Updike is here on my MN Counseling Therapy website.
Thinking about how we strive to impress others or hide our insecurity about measuring up reminded me of less healthy ways of striving depicted in Tibetan Buddhism’s Six Realms. I invite you to read my short article about the Six Realms as psychological states. 
Are you occupying realms of the Gods, Warrior Gods, Humans, Animals, Hungry Ghosts, Hot or Cold Hells? Learn about those realms by clicking here to my article on my MN Counseling Therapy website. Thank you!
Plus+A link to composer Eric Whiticre’s gorgeous composition, “Sleep,” soulfully sung by Voces8