Richard J. Chandler

Composer for Performing Musicians

New Music Created for You

As a person who loves music, do you take delight in discovering new music to listen to and share with your friends?

As a musician, do you get excited to learn new works for your own pleasure or to share through performance?

Would it be cool for you to have a new piece created for you as a ‘stand alone’ composition or as an element for a work of poetry, modern dance, film, video game or any other creative project?

It would be exciting to hear about your ideas for a new piece of music. Please email or phone me and we can explore some new possibilities.

My motivation to compose music is internally driven by these three deep-seated intents:

  1. I seem to have an inexplicably fierce desire to capture and bring forth an ephemeral feeling, the nuance of an idea, or even a color of sound, and transform these raw audio elements from their vague appearance into an existence that is independent of my own mind, and able to clearly be heard by all who care to listen. For me, this process feels like raising a child from infancy to adulthood, and taking pride in knowing that through my care and guidance, this music can now live and thrive on its own.
  2. The process of writing music is very engaging, even enthralling, to me. In addition to accurately conveying the unique feeling of a new work, each new piece has a host of technical problems to be solved in order for it to ‘sound right’ to the listener and be practical in terms of inspiring a musician to invest his or her time into learning and performing my piece. For me, navigating through those difficulties and resolving these inherent challenges, is truly pleasurable and exceedingly rewarding.
  3. Music throughout time has the simultaneous ability to convey the richness and uniqueness of the historical age in which it was written, the cultural feeling of where it originated as well as the emotional and mental makeup of the composer who wrote it. Yet, at the same time, it becomes new again, like the look, smell and taste of a fresh loaf of bread, baked by using a recipe from long ago. I want my time on this earth, my cultural place in it and the richer and more enduring aspects of being to live on, long after my time among the living has ended.– Richard J. Chandler