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Is it Fair to Obligate Listeners to Absorb Another’s Anger in Service to the Venting Person?

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“We find our energies are actually cramped when we are overanxious to succeed.”

    – Michel de Montaigne  (1533-1592)  More Quotes by Michel de Montaigne here


Often you hear something along these lines: “Just vent and get it out when you’re mad.” And many people do just that, temporarily feeling better but leaving those around them feeling worse. Is it fair to obligate listeners to absorb another’s anger in service to the venting person?

For the person expressing their anger, repetition of having outbursts, often with yelling or threatening acts, results in normalizing angry outbursts over time.

In answering whether getting mad can be OK, it seems that a controlled expression of anger can make sense when someone has disregarded known boundaries.

Without some controlled expression of anger, the person who has crossed your boundaries may not believe you are serious about defending your values, limits, and known boundaries.

     - Richard

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